Helen's lifetime experience demonstrates her profound dedication, discipline and training, solidly grounded and uniquely centered in mind-body connection and transformation. (Melody Meyer, visual artist)

Comments from private students:

After yesterdays lesson, I've been making a new discovery about every 5 minutes since I got up this morning! Moving my sternum and ribs when I walk, bicycle, sit, stand, etc. makes a lot of difference. I think I actually moaned in pleasure on my bike ride to work.
(Jen Belk, attorney, bicycle commuter, hiker and yoga practitioner)

I struggled through almost three years of pain, two surgeries and endless frustration before I came to see Helen and experienced the Feldenkrais Method. I believe I would have been able to avoid most of it had I come to see her sooner. It was through working with Helen that I was able to sense and understand that the patterns I'd developed in trying to avoid more pain were actually causing some of the problems. I'm now more aware of my body, how it moves and much more able to fully participate in my life. Helen is a true healer with a passion for helping people. I am looking forward to exploring and learning more with her. (Peggy McPartland, retired executive who avidly skis, hikes and bikes)

Helen Pelton is gifted with that rare combination of intuitive and intellectual understanding of the body. She has deep knowledge that transmits itself readily through her hands. Helen is also able to sit with the whole person who is her client, not just one's body. When I leave a session with her, I have learned something new, I am in less pain, and I feel more at home in myself. (Sheri Cohen, Dancer, Yoga teacher and Feldenkrais Practitioner)

In 2012 my husband and I were hit by a car while walking. I suffered seven broken bones, a brain injury, severe bruising and soft tissue damage. After significantly helpful physical therapy I still found my movement restricted and my body wanting more healing. In 2014 our massage therapist recommended Helen and the Feldenkrais Method to continue our recovery. 

Through lessons with Helen I am learning a gentle and powerful way of listening to my body and responding to what it is saying with interest and compassion. Through Helen's guidance and my felt sense we are inviting my body to deeper integration thus resolving pathological guarding that has served me well but is no loner needed. A metaphor to describe my Feldenkrais experience would be to say it is like taking a warm bath from the inside out. It feels like toxins are clearing as my body is given it's place of honor in the essence of who I am, an embodied woman. (Ruth Wiley, dula, mother & grandmother, counseling psychology student)

When I came to see Helen I was in a great deal of physical pain. I had already tried all sorts of other modalities in which I was a more passive participant, and they didn't seem to be helping... Helen has been helping me teach myself how to move in ways that are conscious and beneficial to my body. What sometimes seem like the tiniest of steps actually create change over time. For example, this morning I realized I was getting out of bed in a way that did not make my back hurt... Working with Helen is not a quick fix. It requires patience. But each time I work with her I learn ways to hold myself, ways to think about moving, that I use everywhere, all the time. She helps people heal from within... If you are ready to work with your body and make lasting changes from inside, you are ready to work with Helen. (Jan Wallace, writer)

Even as a bodyworker myself, I was surprised and impressed with how much change could occur in my body through the subtle movements of a session with Helen. She worked with me to explore my standing and sitting postures, which translated into lasting relief for discomfort I was having in my upper back and neck. (Laurie Fronek, massage therapist)

I wanted to let you know that I used the "stealth Feldenkrais" moves you suggested during my 2 week stint sitting in the jury box and it really saved my neck and back.  I was so worried about what that much sitting was going to do to me and I think my condition actually improved! (Jennifer Belk, attorney)

Comments from Awareness Through Movement students:

I am always amazed at how small, subtle movements can result in such big changes. I notice that the way I stand on my feet has become totally balanced. My gaze is straight instead of looking down and my head holds my neck comfortably instead of in a 'forward turtle' posture. Several weeks later, I'm still holding that balance, my shoulder kinks have unraveled, my hip (pain) is barely noticeable. I was noticing yesterday how my body just feels great and moves so easily. Walking feels light and airy as though I'm wearing cushions. (Pat S.)

Helen's Feldenkrais classes are such a perfect gem. The movements open up new freedom of my limbs and body in general. Stiffness and range-of-motion limitations disappear, my posture is improving, and my sense of my body in space all week long is undergoing a surprising improvement... My driving is safer. I am now able to turn around, in the driver's seat, and look all the way around, past 180 degrees behind me.

Helen is a privilege to experience. She's certainly a master teacher. Her experience in dance, massage therapy--her ongoing education in Feldenkrais--surely her own life experiences, too, have forged in her a combination of poise, focus, empathy, and genuine compassion. She conveys acceptance of one's physical body. I hadn't realized I need that. (Elizabeth Hardisty, nurse)