Somatic Inquiry

Somatic Inquiry is a collection of meditative, expressive and creative practices that bring the participant into intimate communication with the voice of their body. These processes can help diminish the dominance and urgency of our cognitive, conditioned behavior and lead to a more embodied life and lively body.

"So deep is our modern disembodiment that many of us have no trust in the body whatsoever and content ourselves with disregarding it on ever occasion and at every possible level. In all of this, not surprisingly, there is rarely a sense that the body, on its own and from its own side, might have something to offer us; that the body might, in some sense, be more intelligent than our conscious self or ego, or that the body might have its own designs from which - if understood - we might stand to benefit a very great deal." from Touching Enlightenment by Dr Reggie Ray.

Somatic Inquiry processes can be designed as a workshop or individual process. Contact me for more information.