Somatic Inquiry

Somatic Inquiry is a collection of meditative, expressive and creative practices that bring the participant into intimate communication with the voice of his or her body. These processes can help diminish the dominance and urgency of our cognitive, conditioned behavior and lead to a more embodied life and lively body.

"So deep is our modern disembodiment that many of us have no trust in the body whatsoever and content ourselves with disregarding it on ever occasion and at every possible level. In all of this, not surprisingly, there is rarely a sense that the body, on its own and from its own side, might have something to offer us; that the body might, in some sense, be more intelligent than our conscious self or ego, or that the body might have its own designs from which - if understood - we might stand to benefit a very great deal." from Touching Enlightenment by Dr Reggie Ray,

Classes and workshops include -

Somatic Meditation - In contrast to conventional approaches that emphasize entry through the intentional thinking of the conscious mind and following conceptual instruction templates, Somatic Meditation develops a meditative consciousness that is accessed through the feelings, sensations, somatic intuition, and felt sense of the body itself. We are simply trying to tune into the basic awareness of the body. Put in Buddhist terms, the human body, as such, is already and always abiding in the meditative state, the domain of awakening, and we are just trying to gain entry into that.

Contemplative Dance Practicea three part session formally divided between seated meditation, personal attunement (warmup), and improvised movement in a group. CDP was developed at Naropa University by Barbara Dilley at the request of the Tibetan meditation teacher and founder of Naropa,Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche Described by Dilley as “a meditator’s dance hall or a dancers’ meditation hall,” this practice provides opportunities to develop awareness of inner and outer rhythms, deepen spiritual disciplines, and participate in the social and political dynamics of an ensemble system.

These and other Somatic Inquiry processes can be designed as a workshop or individual process. Contact me for more information.

Helen has been a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Barbara Dilley and Reggie Ray collectively since 1984.